Fixflo Integration

Help me Fix is now integrated with Fixflo, supercharging our video triage service with Fixflo's powerful repairs reporting tool and making life even easier for you, your clients and occupiers. Fixflo frees up time for property managers and helps them improve efficiency, exceed customer expectations and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

Integration features

  • Fixflo users can now trigger a Help me Fix call via Co-Pilot
  • Fixflo's advanced reporting software makes Help me Fix even more effective, filtering by issue type
  • Over 220 fault types linked to Help me Fix in 9 trade categories


  • Combine advanced reporting with video triage to reduce physical call-outs
  • Auto-instruct planned compliance to free up more time
  • Give your occupants an end-to-end out of hours service with Fixflo and Help me Fix
  • Auto-instruct triaged issues to your contractors so they can attend and first-time fix
  • Resolve 20% of issues before they hit your desk