Build Massive Brand Value using Help me Fix

Support your Care Plans using AI Diagnostics, Helpful Videos and Access to a National Network of Remote Engineers in Minutes


Get Your Evenings Back


You work hard enough during the day! Whack on auto-respond with your Help me Fix link and be sure that after-hours repairs are being dealt with while you spend quality time with your family.


Build Brand Loyalty

Reduce Stress-s-1

Customers in 2023 expect transparency and service at a time that suits them. Subscriptions are the new way of paying for goods and services so why are trades businesses any different? Support your customers when they need it the most and WOW them with cutting-edge tech.

Increase Profits


Drive down the cost of delivering a subscription-based offering by reducing the amount of visits needed to every property and increase first-time fix rates by making sure you have the right bits on the van... Every time.

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Turn Feast or Famine into MRR

You know how it is... Trades are seasonal. Whether you are a Plumber, a Gas Engineer or an Electrician, there is always an unpredictable pattern of work throughout the year. It's called Feast or Famine, and it's par for the course with Trades Business 

Most Trades Business run like this for years. You make hay while the sun shines (or the snow falls) and then panic when there are no jobs in the diary.

You pay for your mobile phone, your TV package, your utilities... Everything on a subscription. Why aren't your customers doing the same? 

What if you had a self-serve system on your website that added massive value by solving simple issues for your care-plan customers, stopped out of hours emergencies, talked to your job management software, and even upsold your care plans, without you  having to lift a finger?

Introducing the Help me Fix System


We Install our AI assistant on your website in your brand colours, with your logo, and with your welcome message. We'll identify the customer and try to help them.



Our AI will try to diagnose the issue, recommend simple fixes and provide helpful videos.



If a simple fix isn't on the cards, your customer will be redirected to your video app and get connected to a semi-retired tradesperson in under 2 minutes.



The remote engineer will triage the problem and try to help the customer resolve it. If a visit is required, they will be collecting photos and the parts required for the job so you only have to go out once. You'll have access to the video stream to confirm the diagnosis.



After the call, Help me Fix will raise a job in your job management software, and email you the call report with next steps. If an emergency dispatch is required we will alert the engineer of your choice or can even send someone to the property if you need support.


Have the right bits for the job... Every Time.

Our remote engineers have triaged over 20,000 repairs over video. And with a combined on-job experience of 2000 years, they know what they are talking about. 😆  

Call report with parts recommended for every diagnosed job and posted in your job management software. You can also re-live the video diagnostics and make sure you're happy with the outcome yourself.

We Integrate with Job Management Systems and 3000+ Apps Via Zapier


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