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The Complete Repairs Diagnostic
and Triage Solution

The Complete Repairs Diagnostic and Triage Solution

Help me Fix is a comprehensive repair diagnostic and triage solution that uses advanced AI and video technology. Designed to improve service quality, reduce costs and enhance maintenance management, it’s ideal for a range of industries looking to optimise repair workflows and improve operational efficiency.

The way that repairs are carried out is in desperate need of overhaul. The traditional model of sending a contractor in a van to every repair is outdated, pollutes the environment and encourages wastage at every level. Help me Fix is a specialised repairs diagnostic and triage software platform designed to reduce costs and improve service by providing best-in-class AI and video triage solutions, coupled with an experienced remote engineer network.

What is Help me Fix?

AI Diagnostics

Solve simple issues with AI diagnostics and connected skills

Repairs Diagnostic and Triage Solution
Help me Fix Engineer web app


Inbound and outbound video like you've never seen it before


PDF job reports and post triage workflows

Improve operational efficiency


Access to a vetted and trusted remote engineer network to fill the gaps in your technical workforce

5 Five Stars
This App should be used across all of social housing in my opinion as it saves time and money for the housing association.

Moat Homes Resident, 2023

The Help me Fix Ecosystem



For Mobile Repair Teams

Solving repairs remotely

For Customer Service Agents and Technical Supervisors

Contact Hub
Resident App

For Triage Overflow and For Teams
Without Technicians

Network Engineers
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Item 2
Item 3
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Issues Resolved
Emergencies De-Escalated
Less Carbon Footprint
Less Spend on Repairs

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