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Advanced Engineer App

Advanced Engineer App

Connect your customers to the right engineer, every time, at lightening speed

Use AI repair assistance, video triage, and job reporting for efficient repair management. Improve service quality with features like trade divert and custom backgrounds.

Engineer App
In Call Trade Divert
Job Reports
Custom Backgrounds
AI Translation
Help me Fix Engineer has been developed especially for repair triage. With Trade Routing, AR tools, custom backgrounds, instant access to Aidenn and inbuilt job reporting, our Desktop, iOS and Android apps take video calling to the next level.
Our push calling system is designed to be discreet and efficient by polling multiple engineers with matching skillsets in rotation so that residents aren’t left waiting.
Push Calling System

With in-call and after call web chat, you can communicate with residents that have additional accessibility requirements, share photos and files and send user guides.

Call Web Chat

Access Aidenn directly from the chat and turbo-charge your triage call with instant information about the property such as construction materials, energy efficiency, heating system type, the weather and diagnostic support for complex tasks such as error codes on boilers. Use Aidenn’s skills such as helpful videos and useful resources to retrieve self-help videos for residents, links to parts, and user and installation manuals.

Use Trade Divert to send calls to other engineers for ongoing triage, or to transfer from the contact centre to technical triage.
Trade Divert Screen
One of the most powerful features of Help me Fix Engineer is our job reporting functionality. Link report sliders to workflows in Contact Hub and deliver a PDF report after every interaction.
Job Reporting Functionality
Add a custom background for white-label calls or keep blurred background as standard. Position your brand at the forefront of every resident interaction.
Connect Your Customers to the Right Engineer
And so much more! With inbuilt engineer payments, instant captions, AI translation, screengrabs and drawing tools, Help me Fix Engineer is the ultimate App for repairs triage.