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Manage diagnostic and video triage sessions, configure your apps, set up your team for success and build workflows

Get oversight on all repairs, build workflows, utilise AI diagnostics, start an outbound triage session or divert to a trades technician, all in Contact Hub. Improve property management with streamlined communication and efficient task resolution. Transform maintenance operations with our powerful tools and real-time data access.

Contact Hub
Start outound video and answer inbound triage calls
Initiate AI diagnostic sessions
Transfer to other trade categories
Build post-call workflows and communication templates

Whether you are a Contact Centre, Letting Agency or Trades Business, Contact Hub is the central place for you to manage your properties, view triage sessions and manage communications with your residents. From outbound video to automations triggered by call outcomes, Contact Hub is the starting point for any Help me Fix interaction where a phone call is the first customer touchpoint.

Contact Hub

Resident Management

Add or remove properties and residents. Send out direct video links, AI links and network video links depending on the best fit for the situation. Add useful information that will be delivered to the triage engineer and attach photos and documents.
Contact Hub Resident Management

Session Management

View triage session reports and PDF documents. Each session can contain multiple interactions and conversations. Keep track of reports and video footage here.
Contact Hub Session Management

AI & Video Links

Property Managers and Service Agents can dispatch different links for different types of triage. Send out peer to peer links to get oversight on an issue, AI links to start an AI session with diagnostics and connected skills or a technician link to connect your resident directly to a qualified technician. Use trade divert to divert in call without breaking the connection.
AI & Video Links

Launch Help me Fix Engineer in Contact Hub

Initiate outbound video triage in Contact Hub and launch our Engineer App directly from the menu. Set up support agents, internal engineers and field operatives and configure priority call routing.

Contact Hub - Engineer App


Generate job reports after triage calls to keep your audit trail intact and trigger post-call workflows based on call outcomes. Monitor success in your organisation by repair resolution and deliver PDF reports to other teams and departments.
Contact Hub Workflows screen

Priority Routing

Set up Engineer Priority Routing. Want to alert your internal team first and then your field engineers as a second tier? No Problem. Want to divert calls to Help me Fix Network Engineers out of hours? Our flexible Priority Routing system turns your entire orgnaisation into an efficient triage and diagnostic network.

Priority Routing


Build your Help me Fix call environment, AI app and resident facing video app here. Add your logo and company colours so that every interaction is inline with your company vision.
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