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Advanced repair diagnostic software for insurance providers

Solve claims without attendance and reduce repair visits using Help me Fix. Our platform integrates video call software and a repair diagnostic solution for call centres and insurance providers, tailored to improve service efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Resolve 20% of Claims Remotely
Cut Contractor
Downgrade 70% of Home Emergencies
Reduce Customer Complaints

Get Oversight with Contact Hub

Contact Hub

Initiate or receive inbound peer to peer video

Transfer to Technical Triage

Solve claims without attendance

Transfer to the right inernal technician every time

Overflow to Network Engineers

Video Triage and Follow on Workflows

Overflow to Network Engineers during peak demand or fully outsource triage

Smart Inbound Routing and Trade Matching
AI Claim Capture and Pre-Triage Diagnostics
5 Five Stars
Very quick and efficient way to diagnose the problem


Arag Plc. Pilot

Reduce the number of visits required to resolve an emergency claim and solve claims remotely without attendance. Use outbound video from your contact centre and transfer to tradepeople for technical triage, or pre-triage and transfer straight to technical triage directly from your website using Aidenn.

Repair diagnostic software for insurance providers

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