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Сutting-edge software for Social Housing

Better customer experiences Help me Fix drives efficiency into your repairs department so you can build more meaningful connections with your customers and deliver value with every interaction

Our AI-powered complete repairs diagnostic and triage solution designed to effectively manage repairs and maintenance, reduce costs, and enhance service quality across all interactions.

Social Housing Repairs Department
Outbound and Inbound Video for Support Agents
Route calls to Internal Technicians or Out to the Field
Solve Simple Repairs with AI
Outsource Technical Triage to our Network

Find out how Moat Homes improved Customer Experience and reduced physical visits using Help me Fix Video Triage and Network Engineers.

Help me Fix are working with or in the pilot phase with major housing associations and councils.
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5 Five Stars
Excellent service, makes things much quicker and easier for repairs to be sorted, will definitely use in the future.
Issues Resolved
Emergencies De-Escalated
Less Carbon Footprint
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Find out how Help me Fix can help your Housing Association reduce physical visit and improve service using AI diagnostics, inbound and outbound video triage and follow on workflows.

Five stars
We have enjoyed excellent service from Help me Fix, from easy on boarding through to a smooth ongoing service.
Common Questions
We've tried video apps before. How is this different?
Help me Fix is way more than peer to peer video. We combine AI diagnostics with smart video routing to connect residents quickly and with the right individual.
How safe is my data?
Help me Fix uses local data centres so that no matter where you are located your resident's data remains safe and secure.
Can this be integrated?
Help me Fix can be easily integrated into any cloud-based tech stack. You can also use workflows to quickly get information to the right teams based on call outcomes.
We don't have internal technicians to triage repairs
No problem. Use AI diagnostics and Network Engineers to triage incoming repairs for a completely turnkey solution.
Sounds great but how much is it?
Help me Fix have credit packages to suit organisations of all sizes and you can use your credits however you like! Combine AI, Video and Network Engineers in however you see fit. Visit our Pricing page for more information.
What are the routes to Procurement?
Help me Fix can be procured via the SHED3 framework.
Find out how Plus Dane solved 30% of triaged heating issues remotely using Help me Fix.

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