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Property Management Software for Letting Agencies

Drive efficiency into your property management department by solving repairs remotely and free up time for property managers to focus on higher value tasks

Help me Fix is an advanced repairs diagnostics and triage solution that streamlines repair and maintenance management and reduces costs. It uses AI diagnostics and video triage to resolve issues remotely, reducing the need for physical visits.

5 Five Stars
“Help me Fix is the MVP of my tech stack. If your goal is to help your team have more time for more proactive, productive work it does that. If you want to help the residents time at the property to be stress free, smoother and issues dealt with quickly, it does that. If you want to help keep costs down for your homeowners without compromising on quality of work, it does that. Whatever your motives are for exploring this tech, it likely covers it! The introduction of Aidenn is game changing, it gives us the chance to help add another layer of diagnostics and support to our residents. For many, renting for the first time can be daunting and the support of basic tasks like De-scaling and bleeding radiators may not be obvious but simple to do now with the support of Aidenn”
Megan Eighteen

Megan Eighteen

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Get oversight on maintenance issues with Contact Hub

Solve Repairs Remotely with AI and Helpful Videos

Connect Residents to Contractors over Video for Technical Triage

Help me Fix is fully integrated with Fixflo for easy data transfer. Combine Fixflo’s powerful reporting with Help me Fix diagnostics and triage for an unbeatable combined solution.

Issues Resolved
Emergencies De-Escalated
Less Carbon Footprint
Less Spend on Repairs
5 Five Stars
“As always Help me Fix have absolutely nailed it. Service and proposition just gets better and better”
Emma Jack

Emma Jack

Winkworth Reading

Find out how Linley & Simpson transformed Out of Hours Repairs using Help me Fix Video Triage and Network Engineers.

See how our clients revolutionised their property management departments using Help me Fix.

Common Questions
Q. Is Help me Fix the same as Fixflo?
A. No, Fixflo is a repair reporting platform. Help me Fix a diagnostic and triage solution, although they work well together.
Q. Can I only use one App instead of three?
A. You can build your own tech stack using Help me Fix Apps. Want to use Aidenn on your website and Contact Hub in the office? No problem. Looking for an out of hours solution? Combine Video Triage and Network Engineers. It's up to you!
Q. Do you have physical contractors on your platform?
A. No, Help me Fix is not a Contractor Marketplace. We specialise in digital diagnostic and triage solutions with complimentary remote engineer support.
Q. How much does it cost?
A. Help me Fix uses a recurring credit subscription that can be tailored to your needs. Visit our Pricing page for more information.
Q. Our clients are paying us to manage properties. Won't this devalue our offering?
A. Absolutely not. Help me Fix packs value into your property management service with Contact Hub, whilst keeping costs low for landlords using Aidenn's remote diagnostics and Help me Fix Video Triage to prevent physical visits.
Q. Can I use my own contractors to triage calls?
A. Absolutely! We'll ask you for their details during onboarding and invite them to the platform.

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