Better customer experiences

We support your repairs department and take away the pressure, so you can build more meaningful connections with your customers and create a more sustainable world.

Reduce Time to Repair-s

Reduce time to repair

Improve Customer Experience-s

Improve customer experience

Cut Delivery Costs-s

Leaner R&M budgets

Bye bye backlogs

Repair backlogs are no fun for your team or your customers. You deserve to have the tools and support you need to provide 1st class customer experiences and make a positive impact in the communities you serve.

Engineer from smartphone sv

We, like you know how important the customer experience is

That’s why we built our software from the ground up to put your customers first, and connect them with someone who cares when they need it most.

  • Serving 40,000 homes and counting
  • Saving 800g of CO2 per home per year
  • Accessible via multiple frameworks

April 2022 case study

"William Pears Group - In a case study carried out with Hamway’s the management company for William Pears Group, Help me Fix was found to eliminate the need for a physical visit in 22% of cases and enable a first time fix to be carried out in a further 60% of calls."


We transform and empower your organisation in 3 stages

Stage 1 - Recovery

Our engineers triage 100% of relevant calls to clear backlogs and reduce time-to-repair and first appointment.

Stage 2 - Train & Transfer

We train a segment of your internal repair team to triage calls reducing call costs.

Stage 3 - Handover

We hand over all triage to your organisation and work in the background if and when required.


White label


Your customers will feel like they are in your own website with your logo and branding

PDF Reporting

icon-seo-reportA PDF call report is generated after every call with details of the call and photos attached

Telephone support

icon-technical-supportOut of hours maintenance telephone support included to get your customers connected and send out a repair technician if required

White labeled HMF-yellow

AI Reporting


Our software analyses all call reports, call transcripts and image data from every session and generates an AI powered report for the property manager

Open API


Integrate Help me Fix seamlessly into your tech stack and perform actions based on call outcomes such as raising a job

Spend controls

icon-british-poundSet session spend limits to control cost and authorise calls via email if required

Physical service

icon-mechanicIf you want to outsource your out of hours physical dispatch we can help

We know how hard things are getting

All over the country, housing providers are finding it harder than ever to clear their repairs backlog, meet the needs of their customers and adapt to ever-changing government legislation. Rising fuel and salary costs are making it harder than ever to meet KPIs. 

 checkmarkHelp me Fix connects customers to qualified contractors over video to reduce physical call outs, decarbonise maintenance and improve resident experience.

checkmarkAs a housing provider, you will cut costs, improve customer experience and make your organisation more environmentally sustainable.


Common Questions

We have are own repairs team, why do we need this?

Help me Fix will help you reduce time to repair, improve first-time fix rates and delivery costs. Over time we will onboard your existing team, who will then be able to capture valuable information before they visit a property, thus saving double visits and dramatically reducing your backlogs.

Our existing team is already overstretched, isn’t this going to create even more work for them?

Our engineers will support you by picking up the slack until you reduce your backlog and are able to onboard your own repair teams to pick up the triage.

How will this all work with our existing IT systems?

With our Open API, Help me Fix can easily integrate into your existing systems.

How will this impact our resident experience?

Help me Fix is completely “white-label”, which means that your customers will have a seamless experience under your brand at all times. How would reducing time to first appointment to 2 minutes improve resident experience?

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