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Cloud-based property management software in Social Housing in the UK

Social Housing software


Cloud-based property management software has revolutionised the way social housing is managed in the UK. Gone are the days of relying on paper-based systems, manual processes, and fragmented systems. Today, with the rise of cloud-based technology, social housing providers can streamline their operations, improve the tenant experience, and gain greater visibility into their properties and residents.

Accessibility and Real-Time Information

One of the key benefits of cloud-based property management software is its accessibility. It is available from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Housing providers can manage their properties from the office, from home, or on-the-go, with real-time information at their fingertips. This enables them to respond to tenant needs, resolve issues, and make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.


Another advantage of cloud-based systems is their scalability. As the demand for social housing continues to grow, providers need systems that can grow with them. Cloud-based software is easily scalable, allowing new properties, residents, and staff to be added to the system with ease, without the need for additional hardware or resources.

Integration with Other Systems

Cloud-based property management software integrates seamlessly with other systems and technologies. This integration provides a single, unified view of all housing operations, from rent collection to repair requests, enabling staff to work more efficiently and effectively. It also reduces the risk of human error by replacing manual processes with automated ones.

Enhanced Tenant Experience

In addition to the benefits for housing providers, tenants also reap the rewards of cloud-based property management software. Tenants can access their account information, make payments, and report repairs online, without the need to visit the housing provider’s office in person. This not only saves time but also improves the tenant experience and strengthens the relationship between the housing provider and the tenant. Changing the way maintenance is delivered, using innovative products such as Help me Fix and IoT solutions, is a natural next step for organisations looking to make a difference.

Impact of Cloud-Based Software on Social Housing

Cloud-based property management software has the potential to transform the social housing sector in the UK. With its real-time access, scalability, integration, and improved tenant experience, it offers a powerful solution for housing providers looking to streamline their operations, reduce costs, and deliver better services to their residents. With the right cloud-based software in place, social housing providers can not only manage their properties efficiently but also help create better and more sustainable communities for their residents.

Statistics and Figures

  • Over 70% of social housing providers have adopted cloud-based property management solutions, showing a significant shift towards digital transformation in the sector.
  • Providers using cloud-based systems report a 40% reduction in administrative costs and a 30% increase in operational efficiency.
  • Tenants using online portals for reporting repairs and making payments have reported a 25% increase in satisfaction levels.

Looking ahead, the integration of AI and machine learning in cloud-based property management software will further enhance predictive maintenance, reducing costs by up to 35%. IoT devices will continue to play a significant role, with a projected increase in adoption by 50% over the next five years. These advancements will enable more proactive management of social housing properties and improve the overall tenant experience.


The adoption of cloud-based property management software in UK social housing is revolutionising the sector. By leveraging advanced technology, social housing providers can enhance their operations, improve tenant services, and create sustainable communities. The future looks promising with continuous innovations and increased adoption of AI, IoT, and other digital solutions in social housing.


How does cloud-based property management software improve tenant services?

Cloud-based property management software streamlines maintenance management, allowing tenants to report issues quickly and efficiently. With features like real-time updates and mobile apps, tenants experience reduced response times and enhanced service quality. Platforms like Help me Fix integrate AI diagnostics and video triage, ensuring timely and effective resolution of maintenance issues, which improves overall tenant satisfaction.

What are the benefits of using Help me Fix for social housing?

Help me Fix offers comprehensive solutions for social housing, including AI-powered diagnostics, video triage, and access to a network of engineers. This reduces physical visits, improves service efficiency, and enhances tenant experiences. The platform is designed to handle both simple and complex repairs, ensuring that tenants receive prompt and reliable service.

How does data-driven maintenance enhance social housing services?

Data-driven maintenance uses tenant data to predict and prevent issues, resulting in fewer emergency repairs and improved service efficiency. By leveraging analytics, social housing software can identify patterns and address potential problems before they escalate, leading to a 30% reduction in emergency calls. This proactive approach ensures timely maintenance, cost savings, and higher tenant satisfaction.